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Tattoo Removal Laser Pen Kit DIY Home Use 2020 Professional Edition - LARGE Tattoo Remover

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 The Best Home Tattoo Removal Laser Pen On The Market.


Get rid of unwanted ink with the help of our new and improved tattoo removal laser machine! This handy DIY laser pen kit is a gentle, non-surgical, non-invasive method designed to efficiently fade tattoos without harming skin cells, and delivers noticeable results in as little as 8 weeks of regular use.

This laser pen kit is all you need to erase your tattoos in the comfort of your own home and without effort:

  • Innovative x9 Laser™ technology with adjustable laser focusing
  • Higher frequency waves and effective on all ink colors
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip for ease of use
  • Covered by our 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind

Each kit includes:

✅ 1x Laser Pen

✅ 1x Charge Cable

✅ 2x Safe Goggles

The laser is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for the body including chest or decollete, face, hands, legs and Etc.


Our Home Tattoo Removal Laser Pen will effectively remove any tattoos. It also helps to reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin and give off a healthy natural glow. 

The Advantages of Our Laser Pen

High-Tech: Our laser machine uses a unique Honeycomb Focused technology to form a skin effect vacuolization, which can protect skin from damage during treatment.

Fast Effective: Our laser machine makes tattoo & pigment removal treatment process from 5 to 10 times reduced to 2 to 4 times, greatly reduce the treatment and recovery time, with fast and obvious effective.

Do you have an unwanted tattoo somewhere on your body that you don’t like and wanted to get rid of?

For many, the unwanted tattoos will cause a lot of self consciousness and grief. If you are an unwanted tattoo sufferer, then keep reading because you've just found a cheap, effective, easy, and safe solution to your problem.

Are you tired of

  • People judging you by those unwanted tattoo?
  • Regretting a tattoo of past love, or associating you with a gang, you don’t want to be a part of anymore.
  • Obsessing in the mirror over the appearance of an undesired tattoo?
  • Unwanted tattoo holding you off from not getting the job you always wanted?
  • Wearing more clothes than you wanted to hide the tattoo?
  • Wasted time and money on expensive, “Magically tattoo removal creams” that are not guaranteed?

If you answered yes, then this may be the most life changing letter you'll ever read.

Unwanted tattoo affect your life, your career and make you constantly self-conscious about it…because people do judge you from the outside.


Even though I’m a professional Tattoo Artist, my personal life took its toll on me. My wife Amanda broke up with me 2 years ago... I was devastated. And it was all over, I had her name tattooed on my chest and legs which I wanted to get rid of, since the tattoo reminded me of her and break-up every day.

Ive experimented with some of the cheap creams and lasers online and wasnt able to get the results I needed. When my clients asked me on how to remove their unwanted tattoo before…I have always just suggested cover up artwork for them… Or send them to a specialist if they had thousands of dollars to spend. But this was all before I created my tattoo removal pen.

I went to China to work with top laser removal manufactures to find a solution to bring a DIY home tattoo removal pen to America. The first couple attempts were not easy and it my tattoos we not getting removed.. So months hitting the drawing board we finally came up with a laser pen that could be affordable and actually worked! And to my surprise, I completely removed the unwanted tattoo in about four months..and the pen I used cost me just about 300/month.

Many websites and even doctors will tell you that you can't get rid of a tattoo without an specialist or a Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser tech. And why wouldn't they?!

If you really knew how less expensive and lot simpler it is to eliminate your tattoo, they wouldn't make nearly as much money!

As a Tattoo Specialist, I can tell you that tattoos are completely removable. Nearly any tattoo, no matter how dark they are, how old they are or what colors were used can be faded or completely eliminated.

And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a tattoo removal shop or specialist to do it.

Using this highly effective pen, you can get rid of your tattoo right at your own home. There are no costly tattoo removal creams, dangerous chemical bleach, no doctor visits required at all!

After seeing the results, my clients started enquiring about how I got rid of my tattoo on the legs and surprised to know that I used a tattoo removal pen. I gave my methods to clients who were interested to get rid of their unwanted tattoo. 

Within few months my method started spreading that I couldn't manage the number of calls  I received at my tiny office located in the Portland, Oregon. 

With immense request, I've decided to make this exact pen available to the public...and so I created Tattoo Removal PenTM

Using this simple Tattoo Removal PenTM  you can:

  • Stop Covering Up - Never worry about covering your unwanted tattoos with clothing or camouflage tattoo concealer again! 
  • Regain Lost Confidence - Stop feeling self conscious about people staring at your embarrassing unwanted tattoos! 
  • Get Your Partners Attention - Say goodbye to your ex's name once and for all
  • Get Your Dream Job - Look professional and get your dream job

There are many DIY home 'miracle' tattoo removal creams and products out there that are widely used despite having proved that many of those so called 'tattoo removal creams' contain 'Hydroquinone' or TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) - a chemical that cause terrible skin damage hyper or hypopigmentation and irritation. Despite causing blisters, they cause more troubles even if you inhale little fumes! (Check this out how even 5% TCA is corrosive and hazardous, the removal creams contain far more % of TCA) So,

  • Stop using removal creams that contain Hydroquinone or TCA immediately. Despite they charge you way too much for a small 8 oz bottle, it's not worth using potentially dangerous removal creams
  • Stop getting ripped off by pure scams and marketing hype
  • Stop wasting your time, money and energy on unproven products that don't work. Instead of erasing your unwanted tattoo, they bring dangerous side effects
  • Stop wasting your money on expensive, risky and expensive laser sessions.
  • Stop worrying about change in pigmentation, infection, or scarring due to surgical excision, dermabrasion, salabrasion, chemical peels and removal creams.

Did you know that laser tattoo removal costs over $350 dollars per hour and requires several treatments to even start to see results? You'll likely end up paying several THOUSAND dollars to fade a moderately sized tattoo. 

Get The Results You Want For Just a Small Fraction of the Price

Tattoo Removal Pen is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Just in case this sounds too good to be true, we're backing it with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee!  

If you don't start to see fading of your unwanted tattoo after 8 weeks, you can get a full refund. It's as simple as that.

Your results are guaranteed. You have nothing to lose!

P.P.S. Just in case you're still skeptical, here is my direct contact information: or 

Comfortable & Safe: It can remove all kinds of pigment and tattoo effectively and safely. Our laser uses the precise positioning of the target tissue therapy to reduce damage to the skin. 


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